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It’s warmer in bed!

Master bedroomNothing beats getting into a warm bed on a cold night. As the weather gets colder, it’s time to get cozy!

Winter is the perfect opportunity to be creative and add layers of pattern, color, and texture to create an inviting and cozy winter nest. Warm throws, coverlets, quilts, and cushions are all extras you can pile on during this time of year.

Layering is the best way to beat the cold in the bedroom. As temperatures change throughout the night you can adjust your layers accordingly. It’s also a great idea when you share your bed—it’s nearly impossible to get the temperature perfect for two people at once!

However, don’t just add another cotton blanket; it will add weight, but not warmth. Instead, cuddle up with a wool, down, or synthetic fill comforter. Or, trade your cotton duvet cover for one made of flannel to immediately warm up your bed.

When building cozy layers, this layering order is a good rule of thumb for choosing colors:

  • Medium color: top sheet and two pillows
  • Dark color: duvet and bottom fitted sheet
  • Light color: white or off-white for two pillows

Now that you’ve warmed up your bed to the max, it’s time to make some changes to your room. Keep your curtains closed to help insulate the room and add a rug or cowhide underfoot. The final touch is the perfect pine bed. With its soft wood and round edges, a rustic pine bed is the perfect addition to your winter décor.

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