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A dresser with natural character

12 Drawer Gnarly Aspen DresserWrap your bedroom with the warmth of natural aspen elegance! Old cull wood is transformed into a thing of beauty in this 12 Drawer Gnarly Aspen Dresser.

“Gnarly” wood offers a truly unique work of art. Gnarly wood is made from aspen logs that have been harvested from dead-standing aspen trees.

These aspen logs have been bent and gnarled from the weight of heavy Rocky Mountain snows and are hand-picked for features such as burls, knots, beetle tracks and Elk rubs. Bull Elk markings are created when the elk rub their antlers against trees; creating scars that add beautiful character to the furniture.
Furniture and accessories that incorporate the natural edge of wood—its burrs, knots, and other marks of character—are classified as Live Edge. This style was first made famous by George Nakashima in a series he created in 1946, and has grown in popularity because of its natural, one-of-a-kind design and sustainability factors.

The 12 Drawer Gnarly Aspen Dresser features solid aspen materials for all the logs and paneling. The aspen logs are hand-peeled to preserve the natural character and to leave some of the inner bark on the logs, enhancing the wood’s natural color.

The piece is finished with three different coats of varnish. The first coat is an undercoat that enhances the aspen colors and make the reds, greys, blues, and knots more vibrant. The last two coats of Sherwin-Williams Conversion Varnish provide a harder, more water-resistant chemical finish than typical lacquers and varnishes do.

If you’re looking for another level of rustic character for your home, this 12 Drawer Gnarly Aspen Dresser may be the ticket. Visit our showroom at 3935 West Reno in Oklahoma City, Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm.

Enjoy this rustically beautiful dresser at your log cabin, rustic lodge, lakeside home, or even your country cottage!

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